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Childhood disorders, muscle, joint, disc problems, stress related issues, degenerative conditions, pain relief

What is Body Psychotherapy?

Body Psychotherapy recognises the inseparable nature of body and mind. Emotional problems and conflicts have an impact on our bodies. Physical pain also has an impact on our emotional state. Difficulties in both these areas can lead to compromised bodily function and fixed patterns of behaviour leading to ill health and dissatisfaction with life. Bringing awareness to this often unrecognised body-mind process allows choice in living a more satisfying life.

What kind of issues does Body Psychotherapy address?

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Trauma, Chronic pain, Bereavement, Relationship difficulties.

Please call if you are unsure about how Body Psychotherapy can help with the difficulties you are experiencing.

The Therapeutic Process.

The therapeutic process is a joint exploration of the individual’s belief systems, values, behaviours, inner conflicts, physical tensions and blocks. This may be done verbally, using bodily awareness, through touch or with Biodynamic Massage. Different approaches work with different individuals and this is part of the exploration. Safety, kindness and acceptance allow change and the empowerment that comes from being able to take personal responsibility.

Short and long term work.

Some individuals may have a specific issue they wish to work with in a short period of time (6 weeks to 6months). Others may wish to address deep seated problems that require several years of work and commitment to a process of ongoing internal change.


What is Biodynamic Massage?


Biodynamic Massage is concerned with the integration of mind and body. It involves a broad range of techniques used intuitively to promote health at the physical level of skin, tissue, muscle and bone as well as at the more subtle level of energy flow in the body. Touch that is sensitive, appropriate and compassionate encourages our inherent ability to heal and invites well being.
Biodynamic Massage recognises the importance of bodily rhythms or cycles such as breathing in - breathing out; waking - sleeping; activity - rest. Often we get caught up in the activity cycle with its corresponding patterns of stress. Working with the effects and origins of stress Biodynamic Massage aids relaxation and helps clients learn to attune to their own bodily processes. As awareness increases so does the capacity for self regulation. The client learns to value and trust their body as part of the whole self, composed of mental, physical and emotional aspects.



Therapeutic Relationship


What makes the depth of biodynamic work possible is the relationship between the therapist and the client. The development of trust is very important and takes time. This helps each person to become engaged in discovering more about themselves. The therapist works in close co-operation with the client, being sensitive to comments and the body's non-verbal signals.
Biodynamic massage therapists are trained to help make sense of both the physical and emotional aspects of daily experiences. As clients get in touch with feelings or memories the therapist will give support and space for this process as appropriate.



Body Psychotherapy

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